Detective Miguel Garcia

Toys-R-Us National investigations Team
The Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR) completed their 7th Annual ORC Training Conference in Reno in October. The training was attended by 200 loss prevention and law enforcement professionals from across the U.S. and Canada. 
Training topics included; Return Fraud, Lessons from a Defense Attorney, Credit Card Fraud, Identity Theft and Mobile Phone Fraud, Anatomy of a Critical Incident, ORC Trends Panel,  and Open Source Investigations
There was also a presentation by the Las Vegas Metro “RAP” Team and an update on legislative action on ORC.
In addition, CLEAR gave out awards for the outstanding loss prevention investigation and law enforcement investigator of the year.
Outstanding Loss Prevention Investigation of the Year
Toy-R-Us National Investigations Team: Ed Fuentes, Amanda Hobert, Mike Flanagan, Dennis Dixon, BJ Day, Tyson Roberts, Larry Evangelista, Scott Tassinari, Winston Goreen, and Jay Tubaugh
The Toys-R-Us Team was able to identify and track down a group traveling the country using rental vehicles, that were targeting high-end electronics from stores across the country.  The Toy-R-Us team coordinated with their counterparts and law enforcement from coast to coast, to locate and apprehend 4 suspects who had stolen tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise in 5 days.  They were also able to partner with law enforcement to intercept shipments and recover $20,000 in stolen merchandise.
Law Enforcement Investigator of the Year
Detective Miguel “Mike” Garcia
Miami-Dade Police Department
The award is for his work on the successful investigation of the theft of over 8 million dollars in plastic delivery containers from numerous Florida retailers.
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